SynerChi Kombucha

Company Overview

SynerChi Kombucha was founded by Kombucha brewmaster Laura Murphy in 2014 – Ireland’s first Kombucha!Kombucha is an Ancient Chinese healthy beverage made by fermenting green tea and other fruit and herbal tisanes with the unique ‘Kombucha’ culture. SynerChi Kombucha is ‘live’ not heat treated – making it full of beneficial microorganisms, amino acids and raw enzymes which aid the digestive and liver function. SynerChi is also high in green tea antioxidants. The perfect alternative to soft drinks and juices SynerChi is lightly sparkling, tasty, refreshing and low calorie!

What We Have Done

  • Provided a Solid Social Media Strategy
  • Over 2,000 Page Likes
  • Facebook Analysis
  • Content Creation for Posts
  • Graphic Design for Posts
  • Target marketing to target specific parts of the country
  • Video Production